The Discussion Forum is a message board that all participants taking a particular course can engage with by reading the contributions of others and creating their own posts.

For CPD courses only:

  • You must contribute two posts to the Discussion Forum for each lesson.
  • For each lesson, there is a question or statement to be discussed.
  • Your responses should be based on your own experiences and perceptions, as well as material in the lesson.
  • The course tutor will moderate the Discussion Forum. If you have any academic queries relating to content in the Discussion Forum, contact the course tutor. Their email address is located on the course home page.
  • The expected contribution to the Discussion Forum is approximately five or six sentences for each post. However, you are not limited to this amount. Please feel free to exceed it, if required. 

To respect the privacy of others, when responding in the discussion forums, do not use any information that may identify a pupil, school, school principal and/or staff.

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